Defensive Driving Training

The art of driving safely is a combination of skill, attitude and knowledge. Its simply beyond driving slowly at all times. The technique to be defensive is a know-how which every driver should know as its ensuring everyone's safety. We help you to make sense out of the common-sense of driving.

The Training approach
Power-packed trainer with solid content program is the proper mix for a successful training session. Thats's our philosophy. We strive to ensure everyone leaves the training with a renewed determination to be safer on the roads. One small step towards a safer driving nation.

Our programs are tailored towards:
1. Behaviour-based rather than skill-based: buy-in through the hearts and mind
2. Prevention is better than cure: no offensive i.e. slalom, but just defensive
3. Experiential learning and discovery: with simulator technologies
4. Coaching on real driving: commentary drive assessment and driving video review

The Program

The basic defensive driving course is a compact 1  day (8 am - 5 pm) program with seats limited to only 8 pax per session. There will be 3 hrs of classroom session and the rest will be practical driving and participation in experiential learning sessions. The training covers 3 main modules which are Driver Safety, Vehicle Safety and Driving Safety.

What will be taught?
a. Driving is really risky activity: Why ?
b  Causes of road accidents
c. Driver fitness: how to handle fatigue, distractions, impairment due to drugs and alcohol
d. Vision skills on the road: when to use mirrors, avoiding blindspots, avoiding surprises
e. Safe distance: whats the following distance following the car in front, the stopping distance of a vehicle, the reaction time
f.  Low-risk driving techniques: taking corners, driving in the rain, overtaking, avoiding motorcycles, avoiding head-on collision
g. Vehicle pre-trip safety check using POWERS technique
h. Tyres and braking
i.  Vehicle safety system ABS, Airbag, Seatbelt, Headrest

Our goal is to ensure that every driver who completes DriveFOS training will be more confident on the road, gaining more control and improved anticipation skills and able to be defensive for life in their lifetime.

Give us a call. Our friendly Business Manager, Ms Lynda Lian is contactable at  and will be happy to provide you with additional information.