DriveFOS offers a suite of solutions to companies which aim to achieve zero road crash in their organisation resulting in saving lives, reducing man-hours lost and vehicle damages.

We strive to provide truly effective programs to ensure every participant who underwent DriveFOS defensive training programs become safer and competent as a defensive road user. 

Our programs are internationally accredited to give all our clients a peace of mind that they are engaging with a professional defensive driving training provider which meets international standards.

Our unique blend of on-road coaching, use of simulators such as Seatbelt Convincer, closed-track driving allows every participant to discover and start of a journey to master the fine art of driving: Defensive Driving.


Experiential learning is an important element to promote effective learning during our Defensive Driving sessions

The Honorable Minister of Transport and Director General of JKJR launching
of our Seatbelt Convincer Simulator.