Safety Events

Looking for new ideas to make your next safety events more LIVELY, more INTERACTIVE more EFFECTIVE? 

DriveFOS offers a variety of lively programs which can be characterised by the following equation:
FUN + EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING = Effective Road Safety Awareness

Our programs are tailored upon the principles of Defensive Driving and utilize proven technologies from the USA such as Seatbelt Convincer, Fatal Vision Goggles, Line Detector and many others.

Below are some of our innovative programs which you can have at your doorstep for your employees !

Crash Simulator a.k.a. Seatbelt Convincer

Participants will experience a real crash at low speed conditions in safe manner. This experience is powerful enough to convince them to use their seatbelt for the rest of their lives ! Over 100,000 Malaysians have been convinced by this technology which is recognised for its effectiveness by JKJR and MNC companies such as Shell, Schlumberger, TNB and others.

Impairment and Distraction Awareness

Utilizing patented technologies such as Beer Goggles with rating of BAC between 0.05 - 0.20, participants will experience the impairment effects of alcohol on their judgment and reaction. The learning point here is never to consume alcohol if needed to drive. What else distracts drivers while driving ? Handphone. Yes handphone conversation has been proven to be very distracting and potentially cause accidents. If you are not convinced yet, try our Distraction games and you shall be convinced !

Fun makes learning road safety messages more effective.

Everyone can safely be "drunk" with our unique beer goggles and understand why driving and alcohol don't mix.